We offer a mix of both the scientifically proven traditional treatment model, and holistic methods.


Our experienced team of professionals are ready to help you when needed. We understand how addictions develop, so we know how to address the source of the problem.

Alcohol and its addiction is perhaps unique among all other addictions. Alcohol has been with us since the beginning of recorded history, in the form of wine, which can occur naturally. Alcohol is legal, and can be purchased just about at any store. It is socially-acceptable, and it is a norm at countless social and business parties.

Furthermore, alcohol is one of the few substances that penetrates every membrane in the human body, including the brain.

Addiction to alcohol can take many forms. It may be emotional, as with the good feelings you remember at a holiday party, and there was alcohol. The addiction may be mental, and it definitely can be physical.

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center provides an individualized program for this form of addiction that is carried out in a safe and understanding environment, far away from any of the daily temptations where alcohol might be present.

We directly deal with the underlying cause of your alcoholism. There can be many causes. They include, but are by no means limited to, chronic stress at home or in the workplace, anxiety, and the many emotional issues that may cause a person to drink. These issues could be grief from the death of a loved one, a loss of a friend or a job, separation from your loved ones, a career that is not going the way you intended, troubled marriage, and even an inability to deal with the many “ordinary” stresses of modern daily life.

We feel that one of the primary reasons that we at SCSRC are so successful with alcoholics is the very fact that many of our staff are recovering alcoholics themselves. We have been there!

Methamphetamine (“meth”) is a highly addictive stimulant which can be taken with any of several delivery methods: it can be smoked, injected, inhaled, or taken by mouth.

There are very typical symptoms that occur from prolonged meth use. These include a suppressed appetite, and therefore excessive weight loss. The user often become frail, and loses muscle mass and bone density, and this is often accompanied by tooth decay.

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center’s holistic approach to therapy includes nutrition, yoga and fitness, meditation, as well as art – doing art projects helps to relax the mind, and keeps the person in the moment.

Our goal is to nurse both your mind and your body back to good health

Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of Erythroxylon coca (E. coca), also known as the coca plant, which grows naturally in the Andean highlands of South America. It is a natural anesthetic, or pain-blocker. It is regarded as the most powerful stimulant of natural origin.

Cocaine is highly addictive. Long-term use can gradually change the brain’s reward system, increasing the risk of addition. With occasional cocaine users, social or physical problems are rarely noted, but scientists point out that there is no safe amount of cocaine. Regular users who have become addicted will soon prefer taking cocaine to any other activity. Their lifestyles are likely to completely change as the grip of addiction gets stronger. On the social side, the person may lose their job, home, family, and become bankrupt. Health-wise, the addiction can kill!

Cocaine users run a high risk of strokes and heart attacks. An overdose of cocaine can lead to seizures, heart failure, cerebral hemorrhage, stroke, and respiratory failure. Even if the user is not over-dosing, regular usage does increase the risk of negative health consequences.

One of the most serious effects of cocaine use is heart muscle damage, which, in turn, can result in stroke, heart attack, brain damage, and more.

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center works with each client to formulate the best treatment plan. Group therapy, and individual therapy and counseling, are a part of this plan. The goal is to re-develop the necessary social skills and life skills to re-enter society with a lifestyle of sobriety.

The abuse of opioid drugs is an issue that affects individuals all across America. A person may have a legal prescription and not realize the drug they are using, or abusing, is an opioid medication. These drugs can be very harmful, highly addictive, and even cause overdose. Fortunately, treatment utilizing various behavioral therapies and counseling is available, offering you comprehensive support and care.

At Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center, our clinical team is prepared to help with post-acute withdrawal symptoms after detoxification. These may include insomnia, body aches, shakiness, intensive cravings, hot and cold sweats, and restlessness. Guidance, support and compassion are provided throughout your healing process.

Xanax is the brand name for a drug called Alprazolam. It is a benzodiazepine, which is a central nervous system depressant which decreases abnormal excitement in the brain.

Unfortunately, benzodiazepines have been widely used for “recreational” purposes. Alprazolam, the active ingredient in Xanax, has a calming effect and may be used non-medically to relax. Users have taken Xanax to eliminate stress, reduce tension and irritability, for relaxation, to have a loss of inhibitions, and to have a increased feeling of general tranquility.

Our addiction treatment program here at Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center can assist in ending Xanax dependency. Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center is equipped with a clinical team that is prepared to address the underlying cause that cause one to self-medicate with Xanax in the first place.

Now that marijuana is being increasingly decriminalized in many states, there are many people who now believe that the use of marijuana is entirely safe. Marijuana is easier and easier to obtain, and many users are starting in their teens.

The argument has been made that marijuana is safer than alcohol, a point we might concede is true, but which is nevertheless irrelevant because it misses the point that users can and do develop various problems when marijuana is smoked regularly, especially “recreational” use.

Marijuana users – especially those who start at an early age – face an increased risk of developing psychiatric disorders. Some that are commonly reported are panic disorder, paranoia, schizophrenia, short term memory loss, and impaired motor skills. Furthermore, though often described as a “safe” drug, the use of marijuana can actually lead to a lifestyle that is anything but safe.

Here at Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center, our clients struggling with marijuana addiction can be provided with several healing methodologies. These include a holistic approach, one-on- one counseling, a twelve step program, and also a cognitive-based therapy (CBT) which attempts to substitute the cravings and feelings produced by cannabis.


Our experienced team of professionals stand ready to assist you with your disorders, when needed. We know how disorders can begin, and develop, and can take over your productive life. We are uniquely positioned to help you address and resolve the root of the issue.

A mood disorder is a broad term that refers to any psychological disorder where there are wide mood swings, a feeling of low self-worth, perhaps even panic or severe depression. A bipolar disorder can also be included in this category. In the case where you start to add alcohol and addiction to this mix, the result can be very complicated and difficult to seek positive resolution. For example, was it the mood disorder that led to the drinking and addiction? Was it the drinking and the drug addiction that created the mood disorder? Was it some combination, as is often the case?

Whatever caused the problem, Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center’s clinical team is qualified to get to the root of the situation, and to provide integrated treatment for such co-occurring disorders. At Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center, both the mental aspects, and the physical and addictive aspects, are addressed, so that the root issue can be looked at and resolved.

It is unfortunate that various family issues can have such a lasting and profound effect on the child, even as that child grows into adulthood. It is also unfortunate that childhood traumas can be so common, and in varying degrees of intensity, that their effects can be continually felt as the years pass. These traumas are diverse, such as psychological abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, and others. Because the coping mechanism within each of us is so different, everyone finds different mechanisms for coping with childhood trauma. Some adults seem not to be affected by such early trauma at all, and become very successful in their lives. Some find these traumas difficult to resolve. The use and abuse of alcohol or other substances can be a coping mechanism, and may create problems of their own if the user moves into the realm of addiction. The core issues that led to the alcohol and addiction is sometimes not even perceived by the user as the cause of the addiction.

Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center’s team works to facilitate the unearthing and resolution of these underlying causes of addiction in a safe and understanding environment. Besides working with the patient to identify the source of the trauma, the powerful and skillful techniques employed by Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center will provide the necessary tools necessary for developing new behaviors and coping skills, which are essential to leading happy and productive lives.

Perhaps like no other society in human history, today we have tremendous pressures to perform at high levels in the workforce or in academia. The pressures are great to persist with long hours and stressful activity for the various social and financial benefits that are offered. No wonder studies have shown that up to 80% of all U.S. workers dislike their jobs; furthermore, the stresses associated with the job was responsible for about 80% of all the sicknesses or diseases studied.

Unfortunately, one of the coping mechanisms for otherwise high-functioning workers is to use alcohol or drugs, often with none of their co-workers aware of this. Such individuals are not the classic image of an alcoholic or drug-user. They prolonged drinking and drug use does provide an initial relief, but then creates new problems as addiction sets in.

This negative cycle of self-medicating to relieve the heightened levels of anxiety and stress from work or school often leads to an addictive lifestyle.

The clinical team and staff at Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center’s clinical team and staff offer a stress-free environment for treatment. The goal of the treatment is to end the addictions, and provide new coping mechanisms and lifestyle choice so that the patient can go forward with new beneficial behaviors in the workforce, school and life.